You’ve lived with them. You might even be one of them. A mom. And what do moms do best? They give advice, they tell you what to do, they make sure everyone is taken care of.

Add those AMAZING qualities to Utah’s bountious snow plus the desire for family fun and a Snowmama is born.Park City Mountain Resort SnowmamasMeet the Park City Mountain Resort’s Snowmamas group, a selection of moms from across the country that advise families with been-there-done-that tips on how to plan a family ski vacation—without losing their cool.

This group answers all the tough questions like what to pack to stay sane, family friendly Park City lodging and first encounters with icicles (careful, you could put your eye out!)

Snowmamas is expanding their mama-says network of advisors to new mamas and papas from around the country to share their sage advice—‘cause we all know mamas and papas have an opinion or two to share, no matter what their grumbling teenagers might think.

What does a Snowmama get in return? Oh nothin’, just season passes to Park City Mountain Resort for the entire family, one four-night/five day family vacation to Park City Mountain Resort (excluding airfare) and some cool perks and spending cash. Not a bad gig, not at all. Swoosh on over to the Snowmamas site to enter to become a 2011-12 Snowmama, deadline is tonight at midnight so hurry up and quit dilly dally-ing.

And don't forget your gloves. And remember to turn off all of the lights. Did you remember to get your hat? A mama's work never ends...