Remember this? Soon, very soon you could be like this lucky Deer Valley ripper.

Time is running out to get in on early bird pass specials at Utah's ski resorts. PCMR, Brighton and Snowbird have already closed the door on pre-season specials. Although be sure to watch for the Bird's Spring pass, which rolls out later in the season. It's really one of the best deals on snow, considering Snowbirds freakishly long spring season (last year people were skiing on July 4.) And PCMR has one of the best local ski class packages around. Called "Start Now," it's designed for first-time skiers, boarders is mind-numbingly cheap and includes rentals and lift tickets (PCMR is tinkering with the prices but last season it was $25). Brighton is always a great value with regular price passes at $949

Deer Valley (Early bird deadline: Nov. 30)

The best deal at Utah's cushiest resort has to be the locals only coupon book. You can by packets of five or 10 passes. The books are either good for all seven days or limited to Monday through Friday. Those of you who miraculously can ski during the work week, will get the best deal, only $54 a day. That's like 1980s prices.

There's quite a few requirements and restrictions, mostly centering on you proving yourself a bona-fide Utah resident. For the fine print, click here. Oh yeah the deadline for coupon purchase is Nov. 30.

Canyons (Early bird deadline: Oct. 15)

The best deal at Canyons is geared toward families. Every adult season pass purchase gets up to two more student passes for 50 percent off the low student prices. Before Oct. 15, adult season passes are $1149 and student rates are $249 (ages 7–12) and teens can ski Canyons all season for $319. Do the math, it's quite a deal.

Alta (Early bird deadline Sept. 28)

A full adult pass at Utah's most storied resort runs $999, which is a screamin' deal. But students really clean up, passes for kids to teens range from $99 (really) to $599.

Solitude (Early bird deadline: Nov. 1)

At the biggest little resort in Utah you can build your own pass. Just pick one weekday (Monday-Thursday) and ski that day all season long for just $279. Add additional weekdays for $89 more per day, every Friday for $139, every Saturday for $379 and Sundays for $229. The more you add, the more you save. So figure out which day of the week you can devote to the snow.

Snowbasin (Early bird deadline: Oct. 2)

Unique in Snowbasin's ticket arsenal is a young adult pass, a very generous one. The Basin considers young adults to be as old as 26 years old, and you don't have to be a student. So slackers of the world, head to Snowbasin and for $575 you ski every day of the season. You're not in school, what else you got to do?

Snowbasin also has a nice 10-day pass with no blackouts for $500 bucks. Fifty bucks a ticket, not bad, and if you don't use the whole pass up it can carry over to the next year.

Powder Mountain (Early bird deadline: Oct. 1)

Utah's best kept secret, Powder Mountain has a pre-season adult pass going for $765 and they have a family pass for two adults and two kids (K-12 for $1865).