We headed to downtown Salt Lake last night, since we were craving Asian food and remembered a positive review for Dining Award winner J. Wong's Asian Bistro in Salt Lake magazine's dining guide. Arriving at 6:15, the restaurant was fairly devoid of patrons, but the atmosphere was elegant and the welcome was friendly, so we stayed and ordered the Peking duck.

We asked "Do you have it?" We didn't call in advance like (on the menu it says to give 24 hours notice). But our server checked with the chef and they had one ready to go. We spent two hours enjoying our Peking Duck at J. Wong's. It was worth every bite.

We started with a shrimp dim sum in a sweet and sour sauce and then moved on to the beef soup. Made with fresh ground beef,  this Chinese specialty is not your typical won ton soup and came to our table piping hot. The soup was mild in flavor and garnished with scallions.

Then our first part of the duck arrived. The crispy, mahogany-colored skinned bird was freshly made and topped with plum sauce and served with steamed bread. Almost full, but not daring to eat all of the skin, the next plate of duck arrived. This time, the the meat was sliced thin and stirred with fresh vegetables and sweet spices accompanied with steamed rice.

The presentation was spectacular, as was the meal.

Peking duck is very high on the pecking order of a Chinese menu, but so worth it.

Next time you crave Asian food head downtown to J. Wong's. Talk to the family. Kwan Wong runs this establishment with her two sons and always finds the time to treat customers like family. When we left, almost every table was full—a sign that others have also discovered how great this restaurant is.

J.Wong's Asian Bistro, 163 W. 200 South, SLC, 801-350-0888. Open for lunch and dinner.