Peter Wolf Crier's new release, "Garden of Arms" is a tuneful, atmospheric record that also rocks, in its own loopy, hipster sort of way. Despite their quirky name that will have J. Geils Band fans scratching their heads, the melodic, moody Minneapolis, Minn., duo have made one of the must-have indie-rock records of 2011.

Released on Jagjaguwar Records, home to arguably the nation's hippest band Bon Iver, this sophomore release (available Tuesday) from the duo of Peter Pisano and Brian Moen shines on catchy tracks like "Settle It Off," "Haunt Me." But they're hard to buttonhole and surprising moves like having the repetitive drone of "Loud Enough To Know," eventually explode into soaring harmonies is reflective of the band's divergent sound. There's not a weak track among the 11 here, and "Never Meant To Love You," is a bittersweet ballad delivered in leather-jacket tough tones.

Also songs like "Having It Out" and "Right Away" will be stuck in your head for days after you hear them or even longer if you're like me and listen to this album virtually nonstop for a few days. These guys are under the radar currently, but don't expect them to stay there.

And best of all, Salt Lake residents can see the duo perform the songs live Oct. 28 at Kilby Court.

Check out "Beach" another of the album's highlights: