The name may not make sense, exactly, but it looks pretty sweet on this logo

These days everyone is flying off cliffs, blasting through the powder with a flip camera strapped to their helmet or daringly duct-taped to their forward pole hand. The people in the biz call this Point of View (POV) imagery and Snowbird is daring you to send in your best shot. They are for, some reason, calling this contest Local Hero, even though they're soliciting footage taken "anywhere on planet Earth at anytime in history." May want to rethink that monicker guys.

But whatever. The winner of each category (ski/snowboard, duh) will win a trip for two to Snowbird for five days of tram and chairlift skiing, four nights of lodging at The Cliff Lodge, one early-tracks tram ride, a day of helicopter skiing for one with Wasatch Powderbird Guides and a $500 gift card from The North Face.

So hey. Here's my submission to the contest. It's super bad ass. Contest deets below.

I totally rocked that ride for kids, right? Next I'll tackle the Giant Bouncy Castle on the Tram Deck.

Oh yeah, contest deets. Here you go. The contest will be determined by Facebook likes, as is fitting. Videos must be submitted to Snowbird’s "Local Hero" Facebook page on or before Dec. 31, 2011 at 5 p.m. EST.