Tired of staring at the weed-ridden parking strip across the street? The junk cars on the lawn? The strange, half-finished addition on the house? Or the still standing yard sale signs? Pull out your iPhone and get a bitchin' with Salt Lake City's new shiny app "Salt Lake City 311."

The app, allows you to use the phone's GPS to mark a location, take a photo of the offending weeds, inoperable cars, un-permitted construction or illegal signs and send it out across the internet pipes into the halls of City. No more silly forms, talking to people or anything so mundane. Just a quick, efficient way to tattle on your neighbor.

Way better than scowling passive aggressively when you bring in the garbage, right?

There is not, as yet, anyway to get the city to help you get said neighbor to return the circular saw he borrowed a year ago, to stop drinking beer on the front lawn with his shirt off or to keep his dog from crapping on your lawn, but one day, one day.