An adaption of the original 1892 farce, Charley's Aunt, Eric Jensen's newly-penned play is funny... even though when he was writing it, he didn't know he had "Victorian era vocabulary and speech patterns" in him, according to the directors notes.

This is Jeff Driggs' first time directing at the OBT. His history with the company includes acting in a 2008 show and as assistant director at Phantom of the OBT earlier this year.

The play follows three friends. Well, really two friends and one patsy.

Charlie and Jack ask Lord Fancourt "Babs" Babberly to play the role of Charlie's aunt, Donna Lucia d'Alvadorez, while they court the loves of their lives. Things get crazy when Jack's dad and the father of one of the young maidens try to court Babs, and then the real Donna Lucia d'Alvadorez shows up!

Actors change nightly, so we can't write about all of them. We're sure the cast we didn't see are equally talented, and the show will be good any night. Unlike many OBT plays, the majority of jokes have nothing to do with Utah culture. So feel free to bring out-of-state friends. They will get it.

It's light on hilarity to start, but once Babs (Rusty Bringhurst) comes out of his dressing room as Donna Lucia, the place explodes in laughter and continues to periodically from that point forward. The second act actually has a lot more laughs than the first. It just gets better as it goes on.

Bringhurst is most hilarious in those White-Chicks-esque moments, where his character really has no idea how to be an older lady from Brazil. He also seems to fall back on his Laughing Stock experience during a charades scene with Jack and Charlie.

Praise: Jensen playing the butler, Brasset, who always seems to walk in on Jack (Ben Eddington) and Charlie (Jason Unruh) in a compromising position. Both Eddington and Unruh present themselves as distinguished, but when they tend to giggle and hold hands when they get too excited. Jensen also wrote in the signature OBT chase scene—which completes any good show at the theater.

The wardrobe and set really fit the theater's atmosphere, which made it as visually appealing as it was funny.

Criticisms: The makeup wasn't really rubbed in on some actors and the nobody was laughing for the first 10 minutes or so... Hey, you can't say we're not objective.

Fave line: "Call me if you need me, but do it quietly so I have an excuse as to why I didn't hear you."—Brasset the butler

Overall: This show is definitely worth your time and money.

The Off Broadway Theatre, 272 S. Main Street, SLC The play shows Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 p.m. until Aug. 27. Click here for more info