The Big Winner: Blake Tingey of Bluffdale Utah and unidentified marketeers.

So it was Outdoor Retailer last weekend in DT SLC. So there was lots of people in technical clothing strutting around with badges. Anyway one of the exhibitors is a company called AYG that makes apparently really good underwear, excuse me base layers, for all your outdoors activities. Forget Fruit of the l=Loom, these tighty whities, wick the sweat off of, well, anyway.

During the show they held this talking underwear contest wherein attendees did the job of their agency's creative department and suggested slogans for the fancy pants underpants. It's called "crowd sourcing," duh. Local underwear lover and amateur slogan writer, Blake Tingey, of Bluffdale came up with the winning phrase, which actually is pretty good. You ready?

"I'm not a chipmunk, but I want to keep my nuts dry."

Nice. A little ribald for a Bluffdale Man but we'll assume he didn't go to high school here. He won a $1,000 bucks.

Oh yeah there's an app that lets you put underwear on people you take pictures of with your iphone. Get it here. What more to be said? Nice work Blake. Don't spend your winnings on overpriced underwear, K?

You're on underwear cam!