This past Sunday, Washington Square was home to the first Urban Flea Market which will be held one Sunday every month through October 2011. Before the market opened, vendors were pulling up to the curb to unload their various treasures from antique kitchenware and vintage scarves to handmade floral headbands and timeless Bettie Page dresses. The market opened to the public at 9 am and the flow of shoppers continued right up until closing at 3 pm. As I strolled around the square listening to KRCL's playlist including classics from Johnny Cash and Van Morrison, I could not help but to people watch. The market brought in an eclectic group of vendors and shoppers from families to older couples, all on the lookout for that hidden gem.  After speaking with the local vendors, it was clear that everyone involved felt it was a success and the vendor slots are already filling up for the next one, August 14th. So, if you are looking for a new date idea or just an opportunity for some quality family time, check out the next few Urban Flea markets!