Early Bird Discounts on 2011-2012 Mountain School Lessons


Attention to all those wishing to refine their skiing skills: Snowbird Mountain School is currently offering an early-bird special for daily and multi-week programs, adult specialty camps, and private lessons. Personally, I have had nightmarish experiences with skiing, especially as a child, that have deterred me from climbing back on the slopes.Don't let this happen to you! If skiing doesn't come as easily to you as it does to other, there's hope. By taking these ski classes you now have the opportunity to impress your family and your friends with your new skills this winter. But don't miss out on this sweet deal on classes.Snowbird's website also offers other opportunities for tickets at a steal of a price, so look ahead for gifts in the future holiday months!The early-bird discounts last until Nov. 1. Sign up right now if you're hoping to get a specific instructor.To find more info, call 801-947-8222, email mountainschool@snowbird.com or download the order form and fax it to: 801-933-2191, or click here