Onion top cashmere hat

The more news we get about it, the more excited we are for the Park City Kimball Arts Festival, Aug. 5 to 7. And the latest piece of news, from one of the nation's top green clothing designers, has us going through our closets for cashmere.

Get big discounts on new, fashionable 'e ko logic clothing from designer Kathleen Tesnakis when you trade in your old cashmere at the arts fest—this means major deals on one-of-a-kind accessories, sweaters, dresses and skirts.

Tesnakis makes the clothing from post-consumer cashmere and natural fibers, so she definitely needs your trade. You can also check out their full line of recycled cotton clothing at the fest.

Festivalgoers will receive a $9 credit on any 'e ko logic item per adult-sized 100 percent cashmere sweater they trade in at the 'e ko logic booth. The clothing should also be in pretty good condition. If it just has a tiny stain, she'll still take it.

Kathleen Tesnakis of 'e ko logic

"Part of our mission is to reduce waste, and our new 'e ko bucks buy back program is another way for our customers to participate in the recycling process while saving a little money, too," said Tesnakis in a recent press release.

'e ko logic acessories range from $64 to $120 and clothing from $180 to $570. You've probably seen them on celebs like Brad Pitt, Catherine Keener, Halle Berry and Lee Randaldo of Sonic Youth. If you can't make it to the fest, click here to check out the clothes.