Deep Canyon Trail Ready for a challenge?

Distance: 8 miles Elevation gain: 3,500 feet Time: Seven hours (if you're moving) Trail: If this were marked on a ski resort, it's be a double-blue. If you start getting winded mid-hike, turn around just before the halfway point at the cross-section of the Wellsville Mountains. Even there you're already at 8,100 feet. Not a bad scramble for a Saturday. Who you'll see: People with big calves and quads. Granola crowd all ruddy skin and sinew. How to get there: From Mendon take State Route 23 north of Wellsville, make a left (west) on Third North, go up the road a couple miles to the trailhead. Notable: This hike gets hectic for the last couple miles, so beware (in other words, there's no shame in turning around at the Wellsville divide). Apres-hike: Beer with a whiskey back at Hawn's Lounge in Hyrum, 435-245-4364