Running has never been an activity I can say I enjoy doing, but lately I am actually starting to look forward to my running sessions. When life is stressful, nothing gives a better release than going for a long run. And after my friend recently informed me she was diagnosed with MS and often couldn't feel anything on the right side of her body, I decided the burn I get from running wasn't such a miserable thing after all, especially if it can help the National MS Society.

The National MS Society of Utah and Idaho is hosting the MS Mud Run at Miller Motorsports Park as a fund-raising event for Multiple Sclerosis awareness on Aug. 13.

Registration is $50 and the fundraiser minimum is $100. You can compete alone or with a team in a 10K "boot camp" style course, where participants maneuver around thirty obstacles on a track coated with mud.

MS is one of those diseases that are diagnosed by elimination. Only after the doctors rule out a number of possible diseases do they make the diagnosis of MS. Symptoms are all over the chart so no sign is ever a dead giveaway that MS is present. In my friend's case, she began to have visual problems, throbbing headaches, and then later began to experience tremors in her right hand that progressed to the frequent numbing in the right side of her body.

Some are hit hard, while others can live many years without even knowing they have it. There is no cure; the only relief is an expensive, not to mention painful, medication that can help patients cope with the tremors and other side effects that come from MS.

There's a dire need for more research on this disease, so round up some friends and those running shoes and have some fun in the mud so doctors can get to the nitty gritty of MS.

Click here for more info or to sign up.