Behind the Rocks Not the longest hike, but lots of scampering and scrambling with some mountaineering thrown in.

Distance: 6 miles round trip (though you can cut it longer or short). Elevation gain: Variable... if you stay on the 'trail' only a few, 100 feet, max. But this is more for trampers and scramblers (in other words, choose your own adventure). Time: A half hour to all day. Trail: Again, it's possible to 'get lost' back in the valley behind Moab Rim. Good vistas (picture time) from there. No signage, so bring your GPS (and/or someone with mountaineering experience and a good sense of direction). Who you'll see: Hardcore MTBers, adventurous folks and the dogs who love them. How to get there: Highway 191 south to the edge of Moab. There you'll see a big parking lot and a sign. Notable: Canyons, cliffs, rock drawings, dinosaur tracks. You'll see a lot of folks with spokes here as well, so best bet is to ramble around on a weekday. Eco-conscious: MTB crews are usually good at packing in and out. But you'll find more empty GU wrappers than you can stuff in a cargo shorts pocket. Pick a few up if you can (and then leave a friendly passive-aggressive not on the windshield of the car with the racks on it). Best time of year to go: Year-round. Anyone you can ask will say fall, but even in winter, when it's sub-zero, it's a jaunt to relish. Apres-hike: Magarita and scallops with bacon at Miguel's Baja Grill, 435-259-6546