I did not take this photoFans who arrived early and we're in the right place got up close with King Bono (the lady in front of me the lineup for GA shared this image with me. Thanks Lady!)

So if you didn't hear the commotion up on the hill, or undertand what all that noisy noise, there was a U2 concert in Salt Lake City last night. And we Utahns love us some U2. I am friends with a U2 fantatic, who inisted we use our GA tickets to get AS CLOSE AS POSSIBLE to the stage, which we did. In fact we got into the coveted "inner circle" of the stage and were unable to leave for the entire duration of the show. My review? It was awesome to be that close to the revered (and aging) U2 but the spectacle of the giant stage was entirely lost on me. Simply put, I was sitting to close to the TV. But I did get some pretty decent video of the evening. So here goes.

U2: Concert Team Part I

U2 Bono on the Bridge


U2: That Cool Armband Unfolding Accordion Thing


U2: Concert Team Part II