Two Monday morning thoughts: one to cheer you and one a reminder:

1. Ice cream.

2. Tastemakers Salt Lake City

1. I found my way out to Murray on Saturday for the grand opening of the latest Sub Zero Ice Cream.

I just wish it was closer.

Gateway could use one of these. Or our new downtown City Creek extravaganza.

A Utah-based chain, Sub Zero is growing at a great rate. Tyson Foster, the owner of the Murray franchise, says its opportunity for growth was just what he was looking for when he was shopping for his own business.

Sub Zero's premise is high tech, but utterly simple. One of the loveliest creations to emerge from the cooking labs of the molecular gastronomists is ice cream made with liquid nitrogen.

Simply, it's superior: there are absolutely no ice crystals in ice cream made this way, nor aeration.

No stabilizers, emulsifiers, agents for mouth feel, etc. It's as simple as ice cream gets. You choose your base: premium fourteen percent ice cream, low-fat five percent ice cream, custard or frozen yogurt. Then you choose your flavor, one of 40. And your mix-ins: there are 35. That gives you a possible 37 sextillion flavors.

















The server stirs the flavoring and the base into a stainless steel bowl, then pushes the nozzle to release liquid nitrogen, stirring madly.

It's quite a show -- billows of smoke, bouncing drops of nitrogen on the marble counter. Then the mix-ins and another shot of nitro and it's yours.

Lucky you.

2. Tastemakers Salt Lake City

It's this Thursday and Friday nights in Salt Lake City. Get your tickets here. Now.