SLmag staffers are scrambling to write copy for our Fall Getaways feature coming in September (yeah, we work on this pretty early), but through our research, we've all secretly been wanting to make our getaways asap.

Sundance Resort is giving us and all other Utah residents the chance to do so this month—with someone to look after the kids.

The Date Night and Daycare package: Qualified nannies will look after the kids for up to two hours, while parents enjoy dinner at the Tree Room or the Foundry Grill. Or you can opt for a special KoKo (the Sioux word for love) couple's massage at the Spa at Sundance.

Sundance Resort, 801-255-4107 Click here for more info

Rates start at $139 on weekdays and $159 on weekends. Reservations based on availability, now through May 31.