Okay, the sun has been shining pretty much ALL DAY and even though there’s still a little nip in the air, and even though I know we might get more of the bad white stuff tomorrow, I’m thinking patio.

I'm dreaming flipflops.

I'm thinking al fresco.

I'm in love with own neighborhood bar, the Garage (1199 Beck Street, Salt Lake City, 801-521-3904,) owned by the same folks who brought us the Jam and Stoneground) and I've got my summertime eye on the horseshoe pit in their big Austin-style back yard with the view of the refinery. (Look for a full review of Garage food and scene, coming soon.)

Just imagine it at night, when all the refiery lights are twinkling in the background...

And SLC is packed with great patios so you can take full advantage of our precious summer months.

Gracie’s, of course, the main meet market in town, has a big upper deck and a big front patio. Poplar Street’s patio is nice, too, and also attracts plenty of pretty people looking for love.

On the dining side of things, the courtyard at Oasis is Santa Fe-style enclosed by the restaurant and the spiritual bookshop.

Faustina's chic, little urban side patio is a summer fave because there's plenty of  shade.



Some canyon patios - Sun & Moon Cafe and Silver Fork Lodge, for example - will probably still be too chilly for a few weeks, and Ruth's is suffering from spring flood problems.

Certainly a contender for prettiest patio in town is behind Tuscany - as on the interior, the nooks and crannies create romance and coziness, but outside, the outside, the rustically unkempt vines and trellises are real.