It's getting warmer. Kids are playing in the streets. People are out and about more often. And motorcycles are showing up on the road. There are countless reasons for drivers to pay more attention.

Motorcyclists are increasingly prominent on the roads when the weather is nice. Registered motorcycles become more popular every year in Utah, with close to 80,000 motorcycles registered in the state this year. They're better for the environment, cheaper in gas and are less costly to insure. But compared to the safety cars offer, well...

Motorcycles do not have a frame of metal surrounding them to protect them from the impact of a crash. Assuming the rider's wearing the correct gear, the only thing between him or her and the road on a crash is a thin layer of leather and a helmet. Motorcycles are also smaller. A smaller space means they are harder to see and look farther away than they really are.

Cars, PLEASE pay attention when you're driving on the roads these coming months. In a demolition derby of car versus motorcycle, the car will win every time. The Utah Department of Public Safety says, 'Each year motorcycles become more popular and as a result, the number of motorcycles on Utah's roads continues to increase. If you're operating a motor vehicle, please watch for motorcyclists and drive aware. If you're on a motorcycle, please ride aware."

Save a life. Pay attention when you're driving.