Summer time is coming up again, and we all know what that means: vacations, sun tan and bored kids driving parents up the walls.

Parents, are you looking for something for your child to do this summer? Kids, are you looking for something to fight the summer boredom, something you can brag to all your friends about?

Park City's Egyptian Theatre has the solution for you. Their University of Utah Theatre Summer Sessions are now open for registration. A medley of classes for theater lovers ages 5-18. They'll run special classes depending on your age group between June 20 and Aug. 5. The classes run for two weeks a piece, ending in a special performance for parents and friends put on by the students themselves.

How awesome is that?

The Egyptian's child theatre troupes are nothing to scoff at, either. According to Randy Barton, Theatre manager, three of their students have gone on to Broadway from their stage. Parents, it's worth the investment in your kids. They'll be bound to spread the love when they're living in some penthouse in New York!

Depending on their age groups, kids can choose from the basics of drama, musical theater or Shakespeare. They have classes for all ages and skill levels.

Classes cost anywhere between $240 and $360.

Click here for more information on the program or call Penny Caywood, the Youth Theatre Director, at 801-599-2084.