Arcade Fire's arguably one of the most-acclaimed acts in rock right now. Most rock guitarists still rank 66-year-old Jeff Beck at the top of the pyramid. If you planned ahead and don't mind driving a bit at night before struggling at work two separate days this week, you can see both.

Arcade Fire hits Orem's UCCU Center, formerly the McKay Events Center on Monday night.

They're touring behind 2010's "The Suburbs" an album that's caused most rock critics to deplete their supply of adjectives praising it. It's not completely typical that concert-goers can be reasonably sure they're seeing a band at the height of its powers. Tonight they can. If you're not afraid of the 70-mile round-trip, they're highly recommended. Why this show wasn't placed in Salt Lake is anyone's guess, but Orem's got it. Tickets start at $35 plus fees and remain available at

Not to be outdone, and much closer to home, is the option Wednesday night to see rock-guitar royalty in the person of Jeff Beck. He just wrapped up his Les Paul tribute tour and is now back to performing with his regular band - but don't feel short-changed. Salt Lake should get the complete perusal of Beck's widely-varied discography, which if you're a fan of transcendent rock guitar is a wonderful place. If you don't like instrumental rock or jazz-tinged jams, you probably would have a long night.

But it's not really an option, because this show sold out nearly two months ago. Craigslist may be an option, but I'd be prepared to drop some coins.

Other options worthy of mention:

On Tuesday at The State Room, Canadian country singer Terri Clark will be in town. She's not the hit machine she once was, but has a new album coming out later this year. The 42-year-old vocalist has had six No. 1 country songs. Tickets are $25 in advance, $30 the day of.

On Wednesday synth rockers Cold Cave, on Matador Records which makes them trustworthy - will be at The Urban Lounge.

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