This calls for a 96-point headline, in my opinion. You know, like "Victory in Japan" or "First Man on the Moon."

Food & Wine's annual best new chef list is one of the most coveted honors in American chef-dom and our own Pham and Brown, co-owners and chefs at Forage, are on the 2011 list.

That means they'll be cover-boys for the magazine, stars at the big deal Aspen Food & Wine Classic in June (consumer admission $1095; best new chefs dinner ticket $250) and that they probably have a ticket out of Utah to work in the bigtime any time they want.

Here's hoping they stay right here.

Congratulations to Viet and Bowman!!

But also, congratulations to Utah diners, whose palates recognized the talent here and supported it. Chefs can't live without diners.