Cycling in Mogadishu? Nope just a weed fire out west. What a beautiful Parkway.

The Trail: Legacy Parkway

How: By Bike.

How hard is it? Grandma could do it.

Where is it? Access the southernmost trail head from North Salt Lake's Center Street, just west of Redwood Road. Access the northernmost trail head from Farmington Station. There are numerous access points along the route. Click here to download a .pdf map.

On Saturday, I loaded up the bike and headed up to North Salt Lake to try out the Legacy Parkway Trail. From the NSL trailhead this paved mini highway meanders alongside the Legacy Parkway all the way up to Farmington's Frontrunner Station at Lagoon, about 14 miles. It's basically a flat ride, nothing too taxing but perfect for cyclists who just want an easy 28 miles.

The North Salt Lake Trailhead

The whole Legacy project is kind of a weird deal to me. They made this "luxurious" freeway. The speed limit is 55 and the over passes are really cool looking but, um, it's a road right? All of its embellishments feel like an odd appeasement for the road's opponents. Remember? People were trying to preserve the wetlands under the road? As I rode along the trail parallel to the Parkway (which goes right by the Davis County dump, btw) I could imagine the wetland folks saying, "Ok, you can build it, but only if you make a really, really nice road, and don't call it a road, call it a Parkway." (I know they got a bunch of wetlands preserved in the deal. But its weird.)

Learn about the wetlands underneath the Parkway

So back to the ride. I said that spring or fall is the best time to do this trail because It is as exposed as hell. On a hot day it would be unbearable. But Saturday was overcast and cool, a light rain advertised the storm to come and the wind made the return from Farmington a little tough.

Also bugs. Try to breathe through your nose. The trail runs through those wetlands I was just talking about and wetlands for all their environmental importance to migratory birds and all are full of little inhalable bugs in big clouds. Let's just say I didn't need a protein shake after this ride.

Although riding alongside a dolled up freeway isn't the greatest, it sure beats riding on the freeway itself. And there are some really pretty spots along the trail (at least on days when there isn't a controlled burn to the west) Go do a section and let me know what you think.

End of the line: Farmington Station.