We get so many press releases on upcoming galleries and artists promoting their work. Really, a lot. So, it's rare when one ends up in my inbox and makes me want to neglect other work to post a blog, but Joe Flores' stuff is cool.


The Covey Center for the Arts opens a new gallery exhibit of Flores' work called "Out of the Mind of an Illustrator at a reception on April 1. The artwork will stay on display until May 26.

The exhibit features illustrations, paper sculptures, book jackets, puppets, T-shirts... fairies and a mechanical shark. Flores' work in the exhibit doesn't reflect reality, but what exists inside his mind's eye. Actually, I take that back. The Covey Center quoted Flores saying he actually didn't think of any of it. "My second person, this guy who lives inside my head, is smarter than I am," he says. "He's the one with the ideas; he speaks well; he makes ideas appear from nowhere."

Flores has a rich background in teaching art at the college level, advertising, photography, T-shirt design, instructing fundamental drawing and airbrushing and commercial art. The guy in his head has been with him through all of it.

"Out of the Mind of an Illustrator" by Joe Flores April 1 through May 26 Covey Center for the Arts, 425 W. Center Street, Provo Click here for more info