And so spring has officially sprung. At least that's what Sam Champion told me whilst watching Good Morning American this morning, that is. Regardless, 'Spring' in Salt Lake City is a bit of a relative term. Yes, the term conjures up images of sunshine, blooming flowers, budding trees and little bunnies and butterflies, but in reality, um...we are getting snowed on this weekend. All in all, that's a good thing considering the general population of our state tends to enjoy taking advantage of that whole 'Greatest Snow on Earth' thing we've got going on, so really, nothing to complain about.

So, where am I going with all this? Aside from a little Wednesday afternoon babble, that is. Canyons infamous 'Spring Gruv' is going down this weekend and if a) you haven't heard of it, you should b)haven't been, you should c)have nothing to do this weekend, you do now.

Things kick off this Saturday, March 26th with the 4th annual pond skimming challenge. What exactly is pond-skimming? See below:

Tip: get up there early, it's bound to be crowded. If you want in on the wet 'n' wild madness you can register to skim the 100 ft pond here.

Los Lobos will be on hand post-pond-skimming for a free concert at the Resort Village.

Spring Gruv 2011 shenanigans continue the next two Saturday's with more epic adventures, one including dangerous-down-hill-red-bull-induced-sledding. Stay tuned, we'll keep you up to date (Or just click here if the anticipation is killing you). In the meantime, we still need a costume idea for Pond Skimming. (It looks like my first choice, Jenni-Gumby was already taken....) Feel free to suggest in the comments below.