Uno, dos, tres, TACOS!

So goes the introduction to the song "Surfer Tan/Farmer Tan" in Desert Star Theater's newest, Beverly Hillbillies 90210. The battle between the hillbillies and the Beverly Hills snobs continues in this parody of the classic TV show, Beverly Hillbillies.

Mountain man Jeb Clam finds out Granny's moonshine is the perfect solution to the oil shortage, making the Clam family rich. They move to Beverly Hills to enjoy the wealth, but oil tycoon JR Rottenfeller is out to steal the alternate fuel source.

Like most Desert Star plays, the backwoods adventure had the audience cheering for the heroes, booing the bad guys off stage, and rolling in their seats with laughter. And as usual, there were a couple places where the play got away from the actors and they forgot their lines and instead opted to break character and laugh at what had just happened. But what the cast lacked in focus, they made up for in humor. Actors change based on the night you see the show, but either way the play features Desert Star regulars who know how to work the crowd.

Grandfather Rottenfeller's (Bryan Dayley and Todd M. Thompson) wig falling off when he got tasered ("There's an app for that," according to the villain, JR Rottenfeller played by Corey Brandenburger and Anthony Buck) became a running gag throughout the play. And major props to stage crew for watching the cast closely enough to add in the lights and sound effects when they goofed.

This show is complete with knee-slapping jokes from every corner of Utah culture. The villain is subdued by the Return of the Jebi, there's even a nice jab on Utah's education budget cuts, and what country bumpkin show would be complete without a throwback to Dukes of Hazard?

All in all, it's a very humorous musical in a warm, friendly atmosphere. Pianists Jill Flanagan and Tracy H. Hales are fun, energetic and extremely talented; the waitresses were on the ball with refills all night; and the crowd couldn't seem to get enough of the characters and their taunting aimed directly at the audience.

The show runs through April 23. Visit or call 801-266-2600.