Snatched a piece of blue sky this weekend to go snowshoeing, which works up an appetite, so we drove to the Canyons, rode the gondola, and checked out the emerging newness. There's still confusion-told by one employee that the Farm was open for lunch, we found it wasn't, but then ran into Chef John Murcko, who recommended the madeover Alpine House.

Gotta say, the Canyons' design firm has a good grip on a new look for mountain luxury. Alpine House, which used to be a private club, is now a casual eatery, with a lot of separate mini-ambiances for its size: ikat-covered wing chairs near a fireplace, a deluxe carved picnic table, an intimate banquette, and a bar, all lit by a bank of windows looking out over the plaza.

The menu is short: we started with a fantastic tomato soup, jazzed up with coconut and garnished with eggplant croutons.

Caesar pizza was a handmade crust just slicked with sort of an alfredo and plenty of parm, topped with white anchovies and roasted garlic cloves, with chopped romaine and croutons tossed on top.Somehow, the chef managed to get hold of some elusive Alpine mussels (JK, as they say on Facebook); anyway, these were plump, healthy little things in a fragrant herbed broth.And for the big finish, a couple of brilliant desserts: deep dish blueberry cobbler with ice cream, and baked apricots topped with a kind of meringue cream finished with lime zest, each served simply in a deep bowl. There's nothing cozier than eating out of a bowl.

Now we can't wait to eat at the Farm.