Nothing's hotter right now than a cold original cocktail - I'm working on a piece right now about Salt Lake City's new-found taste for exotic, artisanal alcoholic concoctions.

At The Vault club at Bambara, sippers have been voting for their Oscar picks since January 25 by ordering a special, limited edition cocktail invented to represent each Oscar nominee. Votes were tallied by ordering the drinks.

"The King's Speech is our prediction for Best Picture winner," says Bambara's mixologist, Austin Craig. "It was neck and neck with True Grit for most of February with The Kids are All Right in close third."

#1 The King's Peach Speech: Peach Schnapps, Korbel Brandy, Sweet & Sour, Pineapple Juice, Splash Soda

#2 True Grit: Absolut Mandarin Vodka, Chateau Monet, Cranberry & Lime Juice

#3 The Kids are All Right: Stoli Blueberry Vodka, Chateau Pomari, Lemonade, Sprite, Fresh Lime


The Black Swan: Jim Beam, Lemon Juice, Apple Juice, Honey Syrup, Dash Bitters

The Social Network: Absolut Vanilla, Coffee Liqueur, Shot of Espresso, Shaken & Served Chilled

The Fighter: Hennessey Cognac, Tawny Port, Maple Syrup, Dash Bitters, Hot Water

Inception: Malibu Rum, Grand Monarch, Pineapple Juice, Sprinkled Coconut

127 Hours: Absolut Vanilla Vodka, Midori Liquor, Pineapple Juice, Sweet & Sour, Served in a Champagne Flute

ToyStory 3: Tuaca Orange Liquor, Orange & Cranberry Juice, Fresh Lime

Winter's Bone: Ketel1 Citroen Vodka, Caprinatura Liquor, Fresh Lemon, Sugared Rim