Love or at least a sweaty case of emotional angst is in the air Monday night as Valentine's Day makes its annual descent to find you either OK and slightly nervous about how to wow your Valentine or acutely aware of how single you really are - in which case it's just another Monday night at home watching Antiques Roadshow on PBS and looking longingly toward a single person's favorite day on the calendar: Feb. 15 - which gives you 364 days until the next Valentine's Day.

For couples looking to have music play a part in their Valentine festivities, Kingsbury Hall features Montana's female crooner, Sarah McLachlan. This may be too syrupy for me to take in, but among the crowd, it'll doubtlessly lead to hand-holding, loving gazes and gently-rocking head nods among the argyle sweater-wearing crowd who will largely be in their mid-30s and up. Sigh.

For anyone tough enough to want to party on a Monday, they can head to Park City and dance as Harry O's hosts veteran New Orleans rockers The Radiators as part of the band's farewell tour, called "The Last Roundup." These guys have been criminally overlooked for years and bring a bit of their hometown's good vibes along with them wherever they go. For a sweaty good time, get on I-80 and head east.

For those looking to stay in town and have a decidedly hip Valentine's evening, the Urban Lounge is hosting Oregon indie-rockers Quasi. They're touring behind their 2010 release "Kill Rock Stars." Here's a sampling of the band's fun, high-energy rock.

And speaking of hipsters, hotter-than-thou indie rockers Best Coast hit the Urban Lounge on Tuesday night. While their critically drooled upon debut "Crazy For You," is a fun record, it certainly didn't melt my synapses when I listened to it. However, I am intrigued enough to surrender the needed amount of sleep to see an Urban Lounge gig on a weeknight. (For those who don't know, music doesn't start at the Urban until around 10:15 p.m. and it's not unheard of for headliners to start after midnight, which is fine for the venue's main demographic: early-20-something hipsters, but can cause next-day weeping and physical pain among guys in their late 30s with 8-5 jobs)

Here's a chance to gauge Best Coast for yourself right here:

And on Wednesday night, Park City has a fun, danceable option to the Salt Lake City scene - this time it's Colorado's Great American Taxi at the Star Bar. These guys supported Tennessee roots rocker Todd Snider at Red Butte Garden last summer, but they are not just a backup group. They're touring behind 2010's "Reckless Habits," a fun, upbeat country-rock record. The band's led by former Leftover Salmon frontman Vince Herman.

Down at The Depot on Wednesday, you can party like it's 2001 with New Jersey's Pete Yorn. Some nine years later, Yorn's probably still best known for his radio hit "Life On A Chain," although his mellow, but OK 2009 collaboration with actress Scarlett Johansson, "Break Up," was surprisingly listenable. It even went platinum in France. One good reason to see Yorn is opener Ben Kweller, a very talented singer-songwriter who should probably be more popular than Yorn is, but isn't. Check Kweller out right here: