A word of warning for those attending any of this weekend's four remaining productions of the traveling Broadway production of Monty Python's "Spamalot," you'll probably be mildly or greatly offended at some point during the show.

Another word of warning, whatever it is that offends you will most likely be swept under the roiling waves of jokes, cultural references, slapstick and overwhelming hilarity that fires out nonstop during the show.

Whether you take umbrage at the show's myriad irreverent references to gay marriage, Judaism in theater, flatulence jokes, Disney (hey, some people treat that institution like a religion) or the alleged French penchant for rudeness, it's hard to remember you found anything distasteful.

This rolling snowball of a witty musical - which uses the 1975 movie "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" as a touchstone, not as a blueprint - makes enough cultural references that it would take at least a five-person team of people a couple of work days to list them all. So I won't even try, well, maybe I'll try a few: Here's a very short list:

* Las Vegas * The Los Angeles Lakers' cheerleaders * "Singing in the Rain" * Evangelical ministers * Donnie and Marie Osmond * The Village People

And that's not even scratching the surface ... As for the play's faults, I don't find "fart jokes" very funny, but hey, that's just me ... and a handful of the songs go on a bit long - even the ones that make fun of themselves for going on too long.

The cast is strong and is led by Steve McCoy as King Arthur and Caroline Bowman as the Lady of the Lake. A real scene stealer is John Garry as Prince Herbert and Not Dead Fred. Overall, I'd heartily recommend you check it out this weekend before it rolls out of town to Arizona next week. There are two shows Saturday and and two on Sunday. If you feel like laughing out loud for the better part of two hours, visit www.kingsburyhall.org and grab a ticket.