So apparently I'm on the James Franco beat. The current infant terrible of the art, acting, poetry, soap-opera scene was scheduled to present his exhibit "Three's Company, a dramatic reading" on Thursday night at the Salt Lake Art Center but, alas, will not.

Franco, lately seen cutting his arm off in 127 Hours, compiled seven episodes of the '70s sitcom Three's Company and then over-dubbed them with a re-reading of the script. Everyone who picked up the headphones to listen at the Salt Lake Art Center, had pretty much the reaction you'll have when you watch this. But I can say that we all sure talked about it-a lot. So really it was a performance piece about the nature of celebrity and how a handsome actor at the height of his powers can pretty much do whatever the hell he wants.

Anyway. He's not coming on Thursday. He must, I was told, prepare for the Oscars.