A movie without a heart is a movie not worth seeing and in Miguel Artet's (The Good Girl, Youth In Revolt) newest feature we not only get a movie with a lot of laughs, but a touch of drama (and heart) as well.

Fox Searchlight is very busy at Sundance '11.

With this offering, they bring world of Tom Lippe (Ed Helms), an insurance salesman who is as naive and straight-laced as they come ...but his innocence doesn't last long.

When Tom is asked to go to an annual insurance convention in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, he has no idea what's in store.

The talents of John C. Reilly, Stephen Root and Rob Corrdory are showcased here riffing their way through the convention.

I spoke with Helms after the movie and he said the improv not only made the final cut for the comedic bits, but the dramatic moments as well. Helms developed the story and has executive producer credits.

Cedar Rapids will open nationwide in February. I'd say wait to see it then and catch the flicks that may not make it beyond Sundance.

Not knocking Cedar Rapids as it's a hell of a good time, but your money might be better spent seeing this film next month for a third of the price.