For my first film I of the fest I caught the World Dramatic Competition film Abraxas. The story of a modern day monk and his struggles of bringing music back into his life while still staying true and honoring his religion.

Jonen, played by Suneohair, grew up as a trouble youth and a punk rocker, he had a noise band that was relatively famous and after the death of his father he change his ways and became a Buddhist. With a wife and child at home Jonen goes off to discover himself again by bringing music back into his life building up to concert to be put on at the temple he works at.

It was quite refreshing to see open minded view and freedom of religion in this film, though there are weary observers the ultimate descision doesn't often reflect others.

The film looks beautiful and has a couple of iconic shots, namely one by the the ocean where Jonen brings his electric guitar and amp. This was a nice and enjoyable movie, but ultimately didn't break any ground like some films do at Sundance. It has a nice sense of humor and a great sense of modern day Buddism.