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I need to get to The Burton House today. It's only open until 4 p.m. I'm hungry, I'm beat and I have so much to talk about! Sundance is only down a day and I feel like I've been at it a week. After a fabulous breakfast at the Samsung Galaxy Tab Lift Cafe yesterday morning, I headed downstairs to the Carrera Escape for a pair of brand new BIG frames- ideal for hiding my tired eyes this morning.

Carrera was huge in the 80s. If you played at all in the outdoors you probably sported a pair of their red white and blue frames. They've since rebranded and relaunched so now Rihanna and Jay-Z are flashing them. Oh, and me too now.

After that, I was ushered into the House of Swagg. The small black room- black carpet, black curtains- was crammed with people in black. Good thing Under Armour had colorful, fuzzy fitted pullovers or we all would have gotten lost in 'night'.

There was a ton of photosnapping going on with subsequent whispers, "Who is that?" You'll see that a lot outside of the Tab Lift. It's one of the best places to spot celebs and yet at the same time you'll have no idea who you're taking a picture of; just that he might be famous because everyone else is taking pictures of him too. One of these days I'm going to ask the paparazzi to snaps pics of me and watch how they stir up a frenzy - for an experiment of course.

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[caption id="attachment_12944" align="alignnone" width="525" caption="Who's that guy??"][/caption]

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Inside Swagg were mostly sports celebs grabbing Sorel boots, American Apparel shirts, Crocs (not just squishy clogs anymore)

...and wheelie bags from Thule. Loved seeing a taste of OR up at Sundance. My friend Karl from Thule gave me a huge hug and smile like I was his oasis in the sea of Sundancers. It's their first Sundance and the Fest is a way for them to get the word out about their new travel line. Everyone who skis or bikes knows Thule racks. But most celebs don't outdoor sport per se, so Thule is a mystery. Hopefully, not after this week.

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I had a hard time recognizing people inside. Not just because the place was dark and full but I don't know sports. I walked up to Brandon Molale who was wearing a New York Jets jacket and asked if he played hockey. Thought maybe I could impress my hockey loving boyfriend. Like I'm supposed to know the Jets are a football team! Molale is also an actor with a few films in pre-production this year.

Another cool thing about these gifting suites is that you get to see and try items you would otherwise never hear of. Like battery operated scented candles surrounded by real candlewax from Enjoy Lighting so your guests won't ever know.

Or footless, fleece(!) Pantyhose from American Apparel,

or iRenew balance bracelets.

Henry- the man behind the curtain at the Swagg House- insisted we hold hands with the Twitten. It's a cute knit single mitten with holes and room for two hands.

Lia Sophia, the online and home sales, jewelry line was also inside gifting items from their new Industrial line. As you might expect, the piece are clunky and heavy but strangely compelling.

[caption id="attachment_12982" align="alignnone" width="352" caption="Actress Rachel Leigh Cook flashes her new lia sophia bling "][/caption]

Finally, I grabbed two non-aerosol, sugarfree tubes of Sweet Breath just so Ryan couldn't say I never get him anything.

Upstairs in the PUMA Suite I had the stylists for got2b fluff up my hair with their new Powderful volumizing powder and Sephora makeup artists touched up my face and tossed me a cute makeup purse loaded with lipgloss, a Floral Funk eye palatte, Extreme Effect mascara and an eyelash curler. I was set for the rest of my day.

[caption id="attachment_12965" align="alignnone" width="420" caption="Sephora matching bag and eye palette"][/caption]

Don Cheadle and Brandon Gleeson were in the other room taking official Sundance pics so I shot one of my own.

When this week is over I just may light up a cigar. Or not. I'm not a smoker but how can you resist a $300 box of Honduran Camacho handrolled cigars? Actually, I'm bringing them back to the office for my editors. :)

The brand sold here in Utah among many places is featuring this week at Sundance in the Carrera Escape. Hmmm, stylish shades and a cigar? How cool can one person be?