Rain, rain, go away.

This is Utah. Home of the "Greatest Snow On Earth."

You hear that?!

I hurried up to Alta expecting some decent snow on Saturday.

Given the gray clouds and the weather report, things sounded promising.

Plus, it was snowing. It looked like snow.

I was actually happy that the sub-zero air had warmed this week.

I slipped on my Helly Hansen softshell pants and my Gretchen Bleiler Oakley shell.

I should have donned a Glad Trash Bag as well. Little did I know that I was better off with -1 temps.

The minute the pellets hit they slid into droplets that rallied together to saturate everything. The first clue was the flakeless Albion parking lot.

Instead, the wet asphalt glimmered. We still had a blast skiing in the fog, the wet and the snow that grew in thickness. It was creamy and smooth off the High T and throughout Sunspot. I needed a thumb squeegy on my AK Oven Mitts though to wipe the slushy that formed on my goggles every two minutes.

But the moisture was tolerable. That was until my gloves felt like I was putting on a wet bathing suit every time I slipped them back on my hands. Ick. I've never been this wet in the winter.

[caption id="attachment_12491" align="alignnone" width="525" caption="Date: January 17th, 2011 Wildcat Lift Photog: Michael Bossi"][/caption]

Monday was more of the same only worse.

I called Snowbird at 1 a.m. before sleeping. It was raining at the base but they were hoping it would turn to snow. Nope.

It rained clear up to Hidden Peak. The high was in the mid 40s and every resort but Brighton was getting the sprinkles.

To add to the insult, the wind shut down the Tram and the Bird groomers sported a layer of ice.

Things weren't much better at Park City.

PCMR didn't open King Con Lift until around noon which meant they couldn't open any of the other lifts either, the rain iced up Deer Valley's signature runs and 99/90 at Canyons shut down around 1 p.m.

Everywhere will be crusty.


If we get heavy snow Tuesday/Wednesday to stick to the crust layer then maybe, maybe, the rest of the week will be salvaged (more snow is in the forecast).

The temps are expected to hover around 0 degrees with the windchill on Wednesday so we better get some snow or we'll be sharpening those edges to scalpel blades.

If all else fails, the Sundance Film Festival (which starts Thursday) still has individual tickets for sale.