Salt Lake Foodlanders turned out on Friday afternoon to lift a final glass to Art Cazares, who has been manager of Bambara in Hotel Monaco for oh, a bunch of years. I did break out of my study session to toast Art's future in Seattle, where he will be at one of Monaco's sister properties.

In the interim, Steve Quesenberry will be running the Bambara ship.

The more-personal-than-professional reception was held in a private dining room with silvered walls decorated with old deposit boxes in homage to Hotel Monaco's previous life as a bank. One of Art's most recent projects at Bambara was overseeing the redecoration of the dining room.

But Art's Salt Lake legacy is more than silver walls, as you could see from a glance around the room. City weekly's Ted Scheffler and his lovely Log Haven events manager Faith, food writer Virginia Rainey and photographer john McCarthy; Log Haven chef Dave Jones' all kindsof food writers, former chefs, downtown bigwigs, we're all sincerely sorry to see Art go, because he has helped guide Bambara to the top of the Salt Lake dining scene, making it a downtown destination in spite of the state of downtown. He's done that largely through respecting the power of good food and encouraging excellence in the kitchen as much as on the floor and behind the bar.

Of course, there was a spread, Chef Nathan Powers served platters of carpaccio and vegetables and manned the oyster table himself, handshucking Washington's best bivalves as fast as we could eat them. And when he had to go tend his kitchen, former Bambara chef and current Log Haven chef took over.

You know, for Art's sake.