Not the best restaurants, not the best chefs, not even the best dishes. Eating is all that but more. These are my favorite Utah food experiences of the past year, that I remember. Despite Proust's famous Madeleine experience, I believe that some of the best food I've eaten is unremembered, lost in a haze of wine, great flavors, laughter and good times. Here are the tops from 2010 that I can still taste clearly through the fog.

1.  The Louis Latour tasting dinner at The Paris

Every course contained chestnuts and was paired with a wine from Louis Latour. I go to these things all the time and this was one of the best ever.

2. Pasta carbonara at Copper Onion

Housemade pasta topped with a raw Clifford Farms egg.

3.   Mufieno, a raw milk cheese from the Veneto that Troy turned us on to at the new Caputo’s

It's got a luscious blue vein and is wrapped in chamomile and other leaves and we ate it all, so there's no picture.

4. Scallops with goat cheese-yam mousse at Parallel 88

Breathtaking to look at, amazing to taste

5.  Roast Heritage Valley chicken

I did the roasting, with thyme, garlic and lemon; Heritage Valley raised the chicken.

6. Ravioli di Nonna Maria at Sea Salt

God bless Eric's grandmother

7.  Chicken hash at Pago

Roast chicken, sweet onions, goat cheese, mascarpone, cherry tomatoes and roasted corn

8. Salmon in Payson

Grilled by the town firemen over fruitwood fires, eaten in the park

9. Rabbit cooked every which way at Chef Nathan Powers Cooking Class at Bambara

The bunnies were also from Heritage Valley Organics

10. Tasting dinner at Goldener Hirsch

Chef Michael Showers waves his magic wand and makes my mouth water

11. Counter dining at the new Red Iguana when the train goes by

It doesn't get more soulful in the city of Salt

12.  Whole roast suckling pig at Rico's Day of the Dead party

It was almost shocking how many of these babies were cleaned to the bone

13. Grapefruit brulee at Caffe Niche

Texas red grapefruit sections with a thin crisp caramelized sugar glaze