Dear Jill,

Hi! We are going to vacation from Orlando FL to PC Utah Jan.6-11th and wondered...when it comes to ski pants..are they worn OVER jeans or thermal underwear OR do you were just the ski pants? Also, what is BEST to do in the short amt of stay we are going? We have 4 children ages 14, 12 and twins 10 yrs old. They are excited & I feel broke already..LOL! Any recommendation as to ski resorts too would be sooooo APPRECIATED! Happy Holidays to you & yours! Thank You!


Hey- Thanks for the questions! Ok- first the pants. Never ever wear your ski pants over a pair of jeans. I can't think of a more uncomfortable way to spend a snowy day. Jeans are heavy and scratchy if pressed to your skin as you move aggressively. Would you run in your jeans? Probably not. Plus, they are made of cotton. Cotton gets wet (from sweat or snow slipping down your backside in a fall) and stays wet. Then it gets cold. The whole point of wearing ski pants is to stay warm and dry. To that effect, you'll want a high-quality baselayer next to your skin. Even if your pants are insulated. The nylon lining of ski pants just feels icky and slimy on bare legs.

Check out:


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[caption id="attachment_11324" align="alignnone" width="274" caption="4-way stretch zip top"][/caption]




Try not to buy used baselayers. After a while dirt and skin cells get trapped in the fabric and they won't perform as they did when they were new. There are ways to clean them but it's best to start fresh.

Things To Do-

Your kids are the perfect age for a Park City vacation. Yes, most of it will cost money and if you take them on the Alpine Coaster at Park City Mountain Resort that's $80 right there for just one ride. Snowtubing at either Gorgoza Park or Soldier Hollow will cost you about $20/head as well but at least you can make the fun last for two hours. My best advice is to put your children in a ski school lesson every day. PCMR's Signature 5 program keeps the class size small. No more than 5 kids per instructor. They will love the adventure and, unlike at other resorts when they could have 10-12 students on busy days, the kids will want to come back. Plus, they'll get a full day of skiing in and won't be able to slack off like they would if they are with you. By the time they get back to the condo, all they'll want is food, hottub and bed.

Park City also has two bowling alleys, two movie theaters and two historical museums for apres entertainment. The museums feature interactive exhibits that focus on Park City's mining days and its skiing heritage.

Places to Ski-

If you have snowboarders in your group you can eliminate Deer Valley off the bat. It's a skiers only resort. So the choice comes down to either PCMR or The Canyons. You've got 5 days so why not try them both? Also, if you get into town in the morning you can ski free at all three Park City resorts. Go to and download a voucher. Then bring the voucher and your boarding pass to the ticket window for your free day pass. If you have wheels while you're here, stop at Costco before you head up I-80. They usually have deeply discounted lift tickets to PCMR and The Canyons.