Fresh off their free day for all SL County residents, Living Planet Aquarium gives us another reason to keep them on our blog roll and one of the coolest things I've heard all month, an electric eel lights up their Christmas tree.

The aquarium sent a release w/ info on their eel Christmas display.

Here's a quick summary: The display has four strands of lights on a five-foot tree in the Journey to South America gallery, set with energy generated from the eel tank. The electricity is transferred to stainless steel electrodes that power a sequencer, which sends the current to power the lights.

Eels usually power up when they're catching prey or fending off predators. They can get up to about 600 volts, five times the output from your wall in other words, Living Planet's lights have a pretty strong power source.

Electric eels light up the holiday season at the aquarium till Dec. 31. 725 E. 10600 South, Sandy Click here for more info

Lucky for us, they also sent photos:

The Christmas eel lighting up his tree

Side view of the shocker

Don't mess around, this eel has 600 volts with your name on them, actually for the tree