Great Recession be damned and bring on more tax cuts.

The Montage's ambitious Deer Valley property flung open its doors (literally, you're not allowed to touch) Wednesday to throngs of luxo-gadflies, prospective guests and Parkites taking a gander, for the first time, at what was called by a man in a knee-length fur coat, "The better half of the other half."

Specs on the Craftsman resort which aims to "redefine" luxo on the 30-year-old Deer Valley footprint: 154 guestrooms, 66 suites, 81 private residences (yours to keep for $2 to $12 million); the standard room is 600 square feet (starting at $975/night in December, but get ready to drop a couple grand per and up during high season/Sundance).

Those channeling their inner Lloyds and Harrys can chop it up in the 3,200-square-foot suite perched in the most rarefied of rarefied air. In the mix are (real, like wood) fireplaces, an Overlook-inspired great room and bar complete with cafe called Buzz. Daly's Pub & Rec, a gastropub with a menu of comfort food/brick-oven fired pizzas and Apex, the hotel's signature restaurant - plus, local art work and Montage bedding/linens/spa gear.

Montage also has the pond fully stocked with valets, concierges, elevator operators and real-time helpers who hand you off like a baton every 10 or so feet.

Nope, you're definitely not stumbling home from Harry O's and not finding your room.

The walking-tour/iPhone photo-snapping sect (of which I was one Wednesday) reacted with golf claps for the hotel that, on first blush, lives up to the Montage name in service and amenities, but isn't quite the risk-taker one would hope for a destination worthy of the big M. (Case in point: The meeting/event space is but a 20-foot-high cave of windowless and Power Point/lingering best man toast big-box anonymity waiting to happen.)

If the big idea of the resort was to turn heads or add a bit of juxtaposition, the safety of Ethan Allen/Pottery Barn-inspired mountain chic got in the way.

Maybe in this time when luxo, even for the one-percenters, the bonus-getters, the glitterati, needs a quickie redefine, safe was the safest bet.

Here's some pix:


Event space:

Great room:


Outside deck:

Apex fireplace:

Finally, the bar:



Workout room:

Guest room:

Monte, the Montage dog: