Sundance Institute announced its 2011 lineup today.

Here's the homegrown stuff (world selections to follow) we're already clamoring to see based on, well... nothing. It's sorta like when we got excited before Ke$ha's Cannibal dropped last week.

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U.S. DRAMATIC COMPETITION 16 films were selected from 1,102 submissions and none had Vin Diesel.

Another Earth (Director: Mike Cahill; Screenwriters: Mike Cahill and Brit Marling) - Why: Because Cahill directed the best movie of '07 that like three people and Cahill's family saw (King of California). This one's about discovering a second Earth - like Avatar but not ad-libbed.

HERE (Director: Braden King; Written By: Braden King and Dani Valent) - Why: Because the movie's about an effin cartographer. How long have we (yeah, we as in everyone) been saying 'Make a movie about a dude who makes maps...' Finally, King, who did the best doc ever on Dutch Harbor in the late-90s, delivers with the all-caps title.

Higher Ground (Director: Vera Farmiga; Screenwriters: Carolyn S. Briggs and Tim Metcalfe) - Why: Because Farminga is hot in front of the camera; think of how smokin' she'll be behind it.

Homework (Director and screenwriter: Gavin Wiesen) - Why: It's about cuttin' class and Emma Roberts is in it.

Like Crazy (Director: Drake Doremus; Screenwriters: Drake Doremus and Ben York Jones) - Why: LDR btw. young hot American guy and young hot Brit girl. Doremus is funnyish enough - will this be the Wes Anderson moment he's been craving? The Untitled Sam Levinson Project (Director and screenwriter: Sam Levinson) - Why: We like movies w/out a name. We like Kate Bosworth even better. This has both. U.S. DOCUMENTARY COMPETITION 16 films were selected from 841 submissions.

Beats, Rhymes and Life (Director: Michael Rapaport) - Why: A doc about Tribe Called Quest directed by Rapaport hello, Gary from friends - hells to the yes.

BEING ELMO: A Puppeteer's Journey (Director: Constance Marks) - Why: First cartographers, now puppeteers. Best. Sundance. Ever.

Hot Coffee (Director: Susan Saladoff) - Why: More corporate America bashing - bring it.

How to Die in Oregon (Director: Peter D. Richardson) - Why: In 1994, Oregon became the first state to legalize physician-assisted suicide and here's a he's-on-my-dead-pool tribute to Kevorkian. The Last Mountain (Director: Bill Haney; Screenwriters: Bill Haney and Peter Rhodes) - Why: Appalachian coal mining/future of energy. Ripped from the headlines.

Miss Representation (Director: Jennifer Siebel Newsom; Screenwriters: Jennifer Siebel Newsom and Jessica Congdon) - Why: SF mayor Gavin Newsom's Mrs., long removed from her days as a She Spy, now has time to hang with toddler daughter Montana and make a doc about women being marginalized by media. Can't figure out from the trailer which side Katie Couric represents.

Page One: A year inside the New York Times (Director: Andrew Rossi; Screenwriters: Kate Novack and Andrew Rossi) - Why: I mean, do we really need to say why? Read the title again.

Troubadours (Director: Morgan Neville) - Why: Archival footie from LA's Troubadour in the late-'60s focusing on James Taylor and Carole King before they turned into sucky old people who play on PBS during pledge drives, that's why.