What You Missed This Weekend: Kate Nash at In the Venue

"They gave me a whole list of words I couldn't say in Salt Lake City before I came out here tonight. So I made sure to say all of them twice." -Kate Nash Kate Nash is one feisty Brit.

She made her first-ever stop in SLC Friday night at 'In the Venue', playing for nearly 90 minutes. The 23-year old London native took turns on the keyboard and guitar changing up the pace and rhythm of each song, from her #2 UK hit 'Foundations' to lesser-known R&B covers.

Nash resembles a more-refined Katy Perry with her Betty Page-esque bob and doe-eyes and a foul-mouth that could rival any sailor.

She spent most of her set slamming a light-bulb covered keyboard, singing and screaming about boys who had done her wrong.

Her wrists and fingers moved at an impossibly fast pace as became more passionate about each song. Her lyrics kept up with the fast-pace tempo moving from singing to near-talking in an intense, sing-songy manner. On her handful of ballads, she allowed for her strong vocals to take over, demonstrating a smooth, cabaret-style voice with the ability to impress the Simon Cowells in the room.

Although not her typical style, Nash could easily pen a top-selling album of ballads showcasing her strong vocals that she often lets take a back-seat to her harsh, take-that lyrics.

Her silly, care-free personality was noticeable as she cooed and giggled about her lyrics, winking at the audience and teasing them with smiles. She let her music do the talking, only stopping to talk up the crowd, all of whom look like they stepped straight out of an Urban Outfitters catalog, a couple times.

The female-dominated crowd sang along to each male-bashing melody, while most of the token males in the crowd stepped back and took the beating. Props should be given to the two men standing next to me who proudly proclaimed their love for Nash, unashamedly repeating every lyric alongside the red-headed Brit.

For the encore, Nash returned to the stage with a camera, asking the stagehands to raise the lights so she could snap a few photos of the crowd.

When the final note died out, Nash attempted to stand on her keyboard to wave to the throngs of Utah blondes, only to topple backwards.

She was able to recoup with grace and poise, thanking the audience with stacks of autographed photos.

(photo and video brought to you by my iPhone, apologies for the poor quality)