Boo, it's Halloween already. Lucky for fans it falls on a Sunday in Utah so we get two full days of costumes, candies and parties. So do you stay inside all weekend and avoid? Hang a sign on your door that says, "come back tomorrow, Halloween is Sunday?" Well, boo (hoo) to you. As long as the weather holds, there's too much going on for us to stay home. Personally, I hate dressing up. It's hard enough to get out of my lounge pants let alone wrack my brain for creative costumes. I dressed my boyfriend up as Speed Racer one year. He looked amazing and not a single person knew who he was. That definitely zaps a person's verve for future Halloween characters.

[caption id="attachment_7304" align="alignnone" width="252" caption="Ryan as Speed Racer and me as a Sexy Domino's Delivery Girl"][/caption]

So we go as "a couple" if anyone asks who we are at Halloween and skip the dressing up. I find that the costume part works better for my four-year-old than me anyway. We still get into the haunted houses, trick-or-treating and crafts events. They don't deny us at Lagoon's Frightmares either- which, btw, ends tonight. My favorite part is watching the Hackenslash Chainsaw Demonstration Team. Thrilling.

Nightmare Mansion, Castle of Chaos, and Nightmare on 13th are great haunted house options if you want to stick close to SLC for your scares. Bummer that we no longer have the Rocky Point Haunted House. That was the most professional. There's Ruesch's Haunted Mansion in Park City for a family friendly haunted house experience. What's that you say? You didn't know Park City had a haunted house? It's not as elaborate (yet) as those in Salt Lake but it's also not as expensive. Eight bucks and the location totally works. The Main Street Mall at the top of Main Street is abandoned since the landlord booted all of the merchants to make way for a development that may not happen this year.

Troy Ruesch's "6 Feet Under Main Street" is a maze of black and white (mostly black) hallways with local teens dressed as creepy ghosts, zombies and clowns. They bang on the walls, hover over your shoulder and follow you into the next haunted chamber. There aren't a lot of special effects but the monster that came up behind me while I was trying to take a picture got a blood curdling scream out of me. Ruesch started the house at his home in Heber but moved it to the Kimball Art Center last year. "We had a four-car garage and used that space," Ruesch told a local newspaper. "I'm a stucco contractor and I'd stretch out my long driveway with scaffolding and create these haunted houses for the neighborhood kids." He was able to deck out this year's Mansion with plywood, plexiglass and coffin donations from sponsors. The hallways are wheelchair accessible. Ruesch said he felt so bad last year when a little girl in a wheelchair wanted to roll through the Art Center that he picked her up and took her through himself. The Haunted Mansion is open today and tomorrow from 6 -10 p.m. at 333 Main Street, Park City. They'll have special Trick or Treat hours for younger spooks on both days, 4 -6 p.m. which is the perfect ending to your day on Main Street (see Part 2)

Admission $8 at the gate and you get a "treat" bag of candy and vampire teeth as you exit.