Park City history collides with tales of homicide and death on Main Street, as Park City Ghost Tours spooks visitors enough so they'll come back again and again (kind of like a residual haunting).

And now, the awesome storytellers are getting the credit they deserve.

TripAdvisor announced the top ten ghost tours in the country, and Park City came in second; click here for the full list. The tour meets 11 a.m. and 8 p.m. every day at Miner's Park, just across from 412 Bistro.

On tour, you'll learn about Lizzy, killed by her husband, but still walking the halls of the Imperial Hotel. Listen to stories of miners who fell 600 feet down the local mine shafts, but still stop to get a drink at the Alamo. Bring your camera, and you might get lucky enough to have your photo taken with them.

I'll be on the tour tomorrow, so check back for photos and a review. Click here for our blog on Story Tours' ghost tour of SLC.

Ghost Tours of Harpers Ferry in West Virginia came in first, and Hearse Ghost Tours in Savannah, Georgia is third on TripAdvisor's list.