Earlier this week, I posted on some of my favorite Halloween decorations found at local craft and decor shops around SLC (click here to read the original blog)...and then I showed them to Utah Style and Design Editor Brad Mee.

Luckily, the decor met his approval as we talked over great food and red wine at a company dinner courtesy of Aristo's. "Those are pretty neat," Mee says. "But I just came across these finds at New Orientation; you should put them online."

Editor Brad Mee and myself at Aristo's

New Orientation has been a decorating hub in SLC for almost 30 years. 1400 Foothill Blvd, Ste 162., 801-582-4462.

So, here they are. Three more ways to spice up your Halloween decor:

Probably my favorite, crows should definitely be used more often this time of year.

Halloween serving plates to use now, ceramic chickens to serve treats in your kitchen any time.

Feel like this one should be a character in the Nightmare Before Christmas.