I attended a packed performance of Broadway Across America's touring production of the Lion King at the Capitol Theater last night. Our A&E writer Lara Rosenbaum already reviewed the production so I won't bother here. It's the Lion King. Who doesn't love the Lion King?

Well, I didn't but I'm a grouch. I mean the puppets were way cool but this is a children's play, for, you know children. Basically I'm saying the Lion King no Hamlet, although the plot does bear a striking resemblance to Hamlet (only without the oedipal undercurrent and, um, all the death at the end). But still, the puppets and stage design are way, way cool.

But like all Utahns who grew up watching ward house road shows and corny touring productions of Oklahoma, Bye Bye Birdie and Forever Plaid, trot through our playhouses that I felt a certain sense of local pride to see a full-on Broadway production light up the Capitol Theater.

Did I mention the puppets?

So if you want to see the magic you've got until this Saturday, Sept. 26.

And if the Lion King isn't your thing, up next is the Color Purple staring Oprah Winfry. Kidding. It runs Nov. 11-16. Click here for tickets.