Word is born that Sundance locals' tix packages went on sale this week and the PC Film Series is back; thus, I'm going to get back into cushy seat/sticky floor mode as well.

Ergo, a nice chunk of my Next 96 will be spent alone in a dark room with slippery hands watching Carey Mulligan ...(wait, that didn't come out right).

Here's flick no. 1 (and yes, I know Shia is hard to swallow as the new Bud Fox - till you've actually hung w/a bunch of Wharton grads in midtown - they're all about 5'3", date bored-looking models, wear double-windsors and know nothing of broad shoulders, clear eyes or hearts)... genius casting; here's the trailer:

Thursday, it's the kick off to Stieg Larsson week at the PC Film Series; (watch the original 'Girl' movies - better with subtitles) ...b/c, of course, director master-of-dark-and-deliberate David Fincher (Seven, Fight Club and waaaay-anticipated/poorly executed The Social Network) will re-boot the already excellent Swedish phenom in the US next fall.

The late Larsson's first novel was literary dynamite (40 million copies sold ...and counting) and the first film (limited release in the US, see: subtitiles, grossed $102 million globally).

The second book in the series, 'The Girl Who Played with Fire,' has already made $4 million in limited release since debuting last month.

Lucky Parkites get both:

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

7 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 23

The Girl Who Played With Fire

Friday through Sunday, Sept. 24-26 (8 p.m. Friday/Saturday; 6 p.m. Sunday)