Late last week, I was sent photos of the Twilight Convention on Sept. 10-12 at the Sheraton taken by talented People photographer Cortney Finlayson. Her message with the photos: "It was a challenge just to get 16 photos; there weren't very many people there."

WHAT?! Maybe it's just me, but Twilight has never equaled "weren't very many people." The vampire-crazed-teen fad might be fading out or Creation Entertainment should have scheduled it for mid-summer instead of the start of a new school year. Perhaps, fans need a merchandise guarantee to show up.

Earlier this year, I was at Wal-Mart for the DVD release, where cast members Justin Chon (Eric), Mike Welch (Mike) and Christian Serratos (Angela) signed autographs for only 300 fans, but about 2,500 showed up. I was trapped in the pillow aisle the whole time, because of the crowd! This was only six months ago.

The highlights from the event earlier this month were meet and greets with New Moon and Eclipse cast members Alex Meraz (Paul) Chaske Spencer (Sam), Daniel Cudmore (Felix), Tinsel Korey (Emily), Booboo Stewart (Seth) and Julia Jones (Leah).

Fans were also given the chance to participate in costume, karaoke and trivia contests. Creation Entertainment even put on a Volturi Vampire Ball with a chance for three lucky fans to be part of the court. Fans also had the chance to EAT BREAKFAST with their favorite Twilight stars. That's right, breakfast with formerly-shirtless teen werewolves!

For those few Twi-hards who did make it to the event, way to represent. To the rest of you, is the trend fading, or do you just need to step up your game?

Whether you were there or not, click here for our photo gallery.