Charlie Sturgis (clad in a 1989 Tour Des Suds shirt - vintage) was kvelling o'er the second-record turnout in as many races/weeks to benefit the Mountain Trails Foundation.

Sept. 11's Mid Mountain Marathon featured 300-plus runners looking for pain/rocks to trip over; and the season's final event - the get-a-shot-of-Jim-Beam-en-route-to-the-top-of-the-seven-mile-climb -was also attended by more than 300.

"We like record turnouts," Sturgis said. "...And we like costumes."

Here then, are some highlights from Sunday:

'Can you hold my dog while I ride for two hours?'

'Are you sure this is a costume ride?'

Charlie and Parkite/triathlete Emma 'An Alaskan' Garrard:

TUNA kids:

Utes ski team:

Gaga (lots of Gagas Sunday)

(Costume winners) Li'l Red Riding Hood and her Big Bad Wolf

Here's the new Montage Deer Valley disguised as the Overlook draw your own conclusions: