As soon as the leaves start to turn in PC, the mind goes to one thing (besides, you know, snow) ...cinema.

That's when the Park City Film Series comes off its summer break (8 p.m. Friday, Sept. 17; 8 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 18 and 6 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 19) and the Sundance Institute PR peeps start cranking out the press releases with abandon.

Thankful for all.

And so, while there's more than a hint of chill in the weather (had to dig my ice scraper from 'neath the passenger-side seat on Monday), those warm eves spent in the bowels of the PC Library and the prospect of an Eccles Center filled with jury prize-winners fill my thoughts.

Starting with this week's PC Film Series offering: Neil Jordan's (The Crying Game) Ondine - w/legit and folically blessed Colin Farrell ... an Irish fisherman who (literally) catches a mysterious hottie in the sea, discovers she is red-listed by Montery Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch program and the love story/mystery ensues:

Oh, and for you Utah-based Sundance junkies, here's good news:

New locals' movie passes will go on sale Tuesday, Sept. 21 - here are your choices:

Locals Quick Pass [Valid January 21 - January 30] $300 All Access to SLC/Ogden Screenings 1 SLC Gala Reception Ticket

Express Pass B [Valid January 26 -January 30] $2,500 All Access to any screening or panel Awards Night Party Ticket

Film Lovers [Valid January 20 - January 30] $300 12 tickets to screenings and/or panels

SLC/Ogden Preferred [Valid January 21 - January 30] $375 20 tickets to SLC/Ogden screenings

Student Preferred [Valid January 21 - January 30] $300 20 tickets to SLC/Ogden screenings

Midweek NEW! [Valid January 25 - January 27] $250 10 tickets to any screenings and/or panels Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Classic B Package [Valid January 26 - January 30] $650 20 tickets to screenings and/or panels 2 Awards Night Party Tickets

Discovery Package [Valid January 21 - January 30] $325 10 tickets to screenings (excluding Premiere category) and/or panels

Fine print: In order to purchase festival passes or ticket packages, festival-goers must first register online to receive a timeslot to purchase. Registration is not first-come, first-served; timeslots to make the purchases in late October are assigned randomly. Any remaining passes/packages that are not purchased through this process will be available for sale in November - registration will not be required at that time. Passes and packages may be picked up beginning Tuesday, Jan. 18, 2011, a day earlier than previous years. Information can be found at